Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to start using suppressors on my rifles. I absolutely love it. The one thing that came unexpected were the comments I received from fellow hunters questioning why on earth I would ever need or want a suppressor on a hunting rifle. I understand that everyone seems to have an opinion online, but I didn’t expect this from hunters.

This seems to stem from lack of education in my opinion, so this entire piece is dedicated to explaining why suppressed rifles are a huge benefit to all. Suppressed rifles are an incredibly fast-growing part of the industry. Almost everyone I know who gets one wonders why they didn’t use them earlier. Winchester’s XPR can be purchased already threaded making it easy to screw on a suppressor without any trouble at all.

Here are some reasons “why suppressors:”

Help save everyone’s hearing: Suppressors are not only great to help save the shooter’s hearing, but they also save everyone else’s hearing around them. This includes bringing kids along into the field, guides, cameramen, etc.

Courteous way to shoot: Regardless if you’re shooting on the range, plinking behind your house or hunting, loud guns can be annoying to people who aren’t involved. Suppressors truly are a courteous way to shoot. In many European countries, shooting isn’t allowed unless the rifle is suppressed.

Reduce recoil: Anything that helps reduce recoil will usually help improve a shooter’s accuracy. Suppressors do just that. The more accurate a hunter or shooter can be, all the better!

Much faster follow up shots: Everyone wants their first shot to be perfect, but if a second follow up shot should be needed, this can be done faster if shooting a suppressed rifle.

Great for new hunters and kids: While at trade shows, I often ask people what scares them about getting into hunting, shooting, archery, etc. Most people cite noise and recoil as primary reasons why they’re fearful. What I love about suppressors is they takes a lot the “scary” parts out and allow kids and new shooters to get started.