If you’re like me and enjoy hunting late season, you may have experienced difficulties with your ground blinds and snow. I can’t count the number of times I’ve arrived at my blind only to find it caved in from the weight of snow. And many times, the hubs or bars are also damaged.

Usually I don’t like to take blinds out of the field until the season is completely wrapped up. That can be late Dec or even mid-January depending on the state I’m hunting. Once a blind is up, deer get used to them so the last thing I want to do is take them down to avoid snow damage. Instead, there is a solution to winterizing them so you can rest assured your blind will be in tip top condition when you return.

First, cut a 2×4 right around the height of your blind. Many blinds are 6′ 4″, so you can make them a little bit longer. Drill a hole in the top of the board and run some wire through it (see inset picture). Place the board in between the highest part of the blind and the ground. You may want to dig the ground out a little bit to ensure the board stays in place. Once snug, take the wire and wrap it around the hubs and bars inside the blind. Lastly, take a bigger stake, like one a t-bar sold for trapping and use this to secure all 4 corners and any straps (see inset picture). This will help keep the blind in place should any heavy winds pick up as well.

Ultimately, late season hunting can be amazing but staying warm and comfortable is key. I’ve found ground blinds are my favorite way to find success as the season winds down. Just take a few minutes if you’re in an area with potential snow to ensure you’ll be all set for your next sit.