When it comes to choosing ammunition, Winchester has made it a snap for everyone. They are constantly innovating and finding ways to make each and every hunter as successful as possible in the field. Take Winchester Blind Side for example. The amount of time, energy and innovation that has been put behind ways to make a waterfowl load better is truly mind boggling. Winchester took something that most people thought was just fine and made it more effective than most people could ever imagine.

What impresses me the most is how engineers took something as simple as round pellets and figured out how to think outside the box (or inside the hull in this case). They came upwith the hex-shaped pellets that not only cause more trauma to the waterfowl as they hit, but they also stack better allowing for 15% more shot to be placed in the same amount of space.

Next, the diamond cut wads were designed to keep that shot together for longer distances. Overall, the amount of time put into making each and every one of us the best hunter we can be is awesome. I’m not an engineer, but it doesn’t take long after using Winchester Blind Side to see and start understanding some of the attributes. Let’s face it…the results speak for themselves with Winchester Blind Side.