Traveling over 300-days a year, I’m someone who literally lives out of my truck. With that said, I’ve learned that there are certain items that can be a life saver in the field if you keep them handy. For my own health and safety and that of those I travel with, packing something like a Seton first aid kit gives me peace of mind before I head out on the road.

This list is something I’ve come up with over the years that I personally use before the season starts to ensure I’m prepared for as many obstacles that may be thrown my way. I can’t count the number of times I’ve run to my truck and grabbed one of these items which allowed me to repair or get out of a sticky situation. All because I have had the necessary tools.

On another note, one very important thing to keep in mind is to replace these items. There’s nothing worse than knowing you had it, but realize you used the last of it and never replaced it. A big part of hunting is being prepared. With these items you can avoid running all the way back to the nearest town allowing you to address the problem at hand, and quickly get back out hunting in no time!

So, here is my list of 30 essential “truck items.” Perhaps your list is even longer.

  1. Jack
  2. Hammer
  3. Spare Stakes For Ground Blind
  4. Hand Saw
  5. Gutting Gloves
  6. Extra Knife and blades or sharpener
  7. Flashlight or head lamp
  8. Black Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
  9. Extra Snacks & Bottles of water
  10. Pliers, Wrenches, and Screwdrivers
  11. Hearing Protection & Shooting Glasses
  12. Zip Ties
  13. Ratchet Straps
  14. Spare Release for Bow
  15. Duct Tape, electrical tape, or Gaff Tape
  16. Super Glue
  17. First Aid Kit
  18. Shovel
  19. Spare Batteries
  20. Hand Warmers & ThermaCare Wraps
  21. Wind-icator
  22. Work Gloves
  23. Spare Hunter Orange Vest & Hat
  24. Paper Towels/Rags
  25. Scent Killer Gold Spray
  26. Toe Strap
  27. Flagging Tape
  28. Epoxy Or Gorilla Glue
  29. Wire Snips
  30. Chains