When it comes to safe storage and handling of guns you can never be too cautious. In my household it’s just Pork Chop and me. However, I still keep my guns and ammo locked up at all times and this is for a variety of reasons. First, I want to try and prevent theft or robbery. If someone knows an individual has a lot of guns or ammunition you could inadvertently become a target if you leave them in plain sight. The next reason is by far the most important and that’s to keep kids safe. Growing up in Central Minnesota, we were taught never EVER to touch a gun unless our parents were

around, but not all kids have this kind of training. Organizations like Project Childsafe have done an incredible job ateducating people on the importance of locking guns and ammo up. This goes above and beyond by also teaching kids, parents and the community the importance of firearm safety, education, and safe handling.

Although keeping guns locked up is incredibly important, a common question exists for many gun owners in regards to home protection and self-defense. If an intruder busts through your door in the middle of the night, the question is how will you defend yourself if everything is locked up tight? Nobody has the time to run to a big safe, enter in a code and try and get to his or her guns and ammo if they hear someone breaking into their home in the heat of the moment. Luckily technology truly saves us here. I installed a Winchester Safes Defender RFiD handgun safe next to my bed and the technology is truly remarkable. This safe allows for instant touch free access in a variety of ways, so I can easily access my handgun ammo and gun if I need it.

I personally love using the decal that resembles a sticker. You can place this anywhere that is convenient. I stuck it on the back of my phone and then slipped the case back on. Now you can’tsee the decal but it’s at the ready anytime I need it. Most of us keep our phone on us at all times, so this works very well. First of all, no child would know my phone is the key to the safe, and secondly most of us never let our phone out of our sight so now this can be used to our advantage. At night, Ileave my phone plugged in next to my bed like the vast majorities of people do. In the event of a home invasion I simply swipe my phone over the safe and it opens in an instant. They also have a key fob and a programmable keypad that gives you an alternative entry with a custom 4-6 digit code. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with a home invasion. Thankfully, there are ways that you can prevent and deter this from happening. By using laminated glass for windows and doors, you can make your home harder to breach, meaning that you shouldn’t have to bring out a firearm at all. However, it’s good to know you’ve got protection by your side should the worst happen.

Firearm safety comes down to education. Ensuring gun owners understand the importance of securing their firearms and ammunition and also spreading that message to kids or people who are not as familiar with guns. An incredibly large number of people are becoming firearm owners for the first time, so now is as important as ever to spread the word about securing firearms in the home. However, for more vulnerable people, they may feel the need to take their firearms with them in public. When taking a gun in public, it’s absolutely essential that it is stored safely to prevent any accidental fatalities. It’s normally recommended to store your gun in one of the best concealed carry purses when outside your home. This ensures it’s secure and hidden, but still accessible for a self defense situation. Ideally, firearms should be kept in the safety of the home though. We still need to be responsible.

Winchester Ammunition’s W Train & Defend makes it simple to choose the self defense ammunition and training rounds we need by creating easy to understand packaging and rounds built specifically for self defense. Now Winchester Safes is using the RFiD technology to keep our firearms and ammo at the ready within seconds. Don’t make the mistake of leaving you firearms out and available to the world.

Just like the Project Childsafe’s saying: Own It. Respect It. Secure It.