I love having the ability to take multiple species when I’m hunting a specific area.  One of the reasons I so enjoy going to Texas is for this specifically. My goal on this trip was to hunt turkey in the mornings, hog and coyote mid-day and then turkey again in the evening.  I knew most shots would be close as we were calling, so I decided to just bring my shotgun.  Before heading out however, I wanted to do a little test at the range to see what changes needed to be done to get my SX3 ready for hunting all three.

The first thing I did was get my turkey gun all setup with the LongBeard XR using 3 1/2 inch 5 shot.  Once that was dialed in, I switched over to the Varmint X in BB, and swapped out my extra full choke for a full choke.  At twenty yards I had a great pattern that I felt confident would easily take out a coyote.  Next, I switched over to the RazorBoar XT in 00 Buck.  I also shot this with a full choke and was happy with the results with very little modification.

I love having a wide variety of guns, but sometimes it’s nice knowing one setup can cover you on a wide range of species by simply making few easy changes and ensuring you have the correct ammo to get the job done!  That’s why I love Winchester so much as they are constantly innovating and creating ammunition that is perfect for the exact species I’ll be hunting.

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