heartrate_monitorWith more and more people getting into filming their own hunts, it is truly amazing how far the small camera has advanced. We all like to get a video of the animals when we are hunting. If you get as excited as I do, it’s pretty fun to see your reaction as well. I like to mount a small camera on my bow. My favorite is the Garmin Virb XE. This shoots amazing video, and the coolest part is the fact that it can also be paired with the Garmin heart rate monitor. This way, when you’re filming you can actually get a readout of exactly what your heart rate was doing at that time! I know there are times I feel like my heart is beating out of my chest, and now you can capture the moment right at the moment and include your heart rate as well!
I need to make sure that my Garmin is secure at all times during these moments, I want to capture as much as I can during these times and get the most accurate readouts on these occasions, so that means that I don’t want it slipping off or breaking as I am in motion resulting in me losing the data that I have collected. Luckily I can go onto Mobile Mob and see about the strap/band collection they have for Garmin devices. It is very important to me that I keep this working when I need it to, and I’m able to feel safe that it won’t fall off or break as I’m hunting. Bringing the filming of my hunts mixed with scientific data from my activity tracker, I can correlate and put together a chart of how I am doing and what I am doing during my hunts, this will give me better feedback for all future hunts that I go on and I can see how well I perform for my own goals and even compare them to others. 2_shotw_with_camera