Perdiz_Closeup_Birds_and_Vest_Hafner_PicOne of the great features of our Argentina adventure was the ability to hunt a mixed bag on this trip. There are very few locations in Argentina with the option to hunt ducks, perdiz, pigeons and doves, but the area of La Pelegrina has an abundance of all and is the precise reason Paco Riestra decided to call this location home. Paco came over from Spain with his college-aged son at the time and realized he had found a true paradise. He built up an incredible business, which his son Asis has now taken over. They run a first class operation from the food, to the lodging to the hunting and its very nice to be a part of a family owned business. You truly feel like the lodge is also your home and you definitelyleave more of afriend than a client.

Perdiz_in_Hand_Hafner_PicSo the last day we decided to hunt perdiz Perdiz_Black_Dog_Hafner_Picwhich is done in a very similar fashion to pheasants back home. I grew up hunting pheasants in my backyard so I was pretty excited to give this a try. For this hunt, Shian-Li from Field & Stream Shops and I were hunting side by side and having a blast. It was great to get out and do some walking and watch the dogs work. We were able to get our limit that morning, but the absolute best part was eating the Perdiz as an appetizer to our meal that night.

When people ask what my favorite wild game is, my response is usually pheasant, Perdiz_melissa_shooting_Hafner_PIchowever after this trip the perdiz that were prepared made a pretty close run for number one!

For me, this was not only an incredible hunt in Argentina, but a great cultural experience as well. We were served some of the most amazing meals, I was able to put my Spanish degree to good use and realized this is a location that I have to bring my parents to someday. Compared to our Minnesota wing shooting, they would truly think this was paradise and it would be even more fun to experience it all again with them.


Source: Winchester Blog